After working  22 years in sales of industrial fruit ingredients, Dave Olsen created Unique Ingredients in 1997.  Initially formed to promote the high quality dried apple products manufactured by our partner, Surfrut, in Chile, Unique Ingredients has since expanded its product line to include a wide array of fruits from all corners of the world.  The growth of Unique Ingredients is a direct response to listening to customers, discovering their needs, and finding a way to fill those needs.  While no company can do it all, our philosophy is, “If there’s a real need for a fruit ingredient, let’s find a solution.” 

The Unique Ingredients team has grown as well.  Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in industrial ingredients.  We take a personal approach to customer service.  The trend today for many companies is toward less human contact with automated telephone systems and emails.  We prefer personal contact via phone and customer visits providing the expertise that is needed to launch your new idea.

Unique Ingredients’ aim is to provide a flexible “user-friendly” way of purchasing fruit ingredients.  Providing quality service and quality products are an absolute requirement to our success.  We hope you will give us an opportunity to demonstrate our service to you and your business.  Our success depends on yours.

Unique Ingredients is committed to providing our customers a safe and reliable source of ingredients. We accomplish this by physically going on-site to each manufacturing location several times per year, verifying that the ingredients we sell meet Unique Ingredients' high quality and food safety standards.

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